About Me

About Me

A beautiful painting was once a plain canvas. A face is like a canvas, and I take pride to beautify it.

“LONDON is a melting pot of cultures”, I assure in stating this as I am nearing to complete two decades of my life’s journey here. Completing a Masters degree in Business Management then was like a feather in my cap but working in a Corporate attire for six years didn’t fulfil my purpose of life. Life had stored something more meaningful for me. A breakthrough emerged when I realised I had developed a keen, little interest over the years which will serve as my life’s purpose.

Aman Kaur

makeup artist


Whether it is your ‘BIG DAY’ or a wedding event, I promise to leave no stone unturned for your perfect and ultimate


Round the year there is ‘n’ number of occasions and events in the city, and I take pride to mention that I can


Finesse is what I always seek while working with models and media professionals. I thrive on positioning the models

Certificates & Awards

“I did not get into this business to win awards or to be featured in magazines. That said, it is humbling to be recognized for my craft.”

London, United Kingdom

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