My first experience: Makeup = cooking?

‘Believe me. If I looked good, It is not an accident.’


Will not lie. I was a little nervous but was adamant too. Adamant to do good work, adamant about learning and unlearning a few things. Flexible to meet new people and taking my makeup journey forward.

You cannot teach a person swimming unless you know how to swim. Similarly, when I started this journey, I did take the privilege of doing the Makeup on my self. Like an aimless arrow shot, I started with the composition, but at the end, I hit the right target. An achiever’s feeling triggered when I finally saw the result.

My decision was firm and right when I realised, yes, I can make it, and I can do it. All you need to do is take the first step with faith. Once, while working with a model, I took a lunch break. Soon I realised that the food I prepared was less of salt, more of spice. In no time a thought struck that ‘Is cooking somewhat similar to Makeup?’ In the kitchen, we must use the right ingredients in the right amount for a perfect or desired dish.

Similarly, in Makeup, it is essential to use the right products in the right proportion for the desired look. Any excess amount would do damage or make it loud. Every person has a different personality and aura and will demand appropriate Makeup. My job is to help with the perfect look for the perfect occasion.

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