Privacy policy

‘Aman Kaur Artistry’ will treat all your Personal Information as confidential, we will keep it secure and not divulge it to any third party.


‘Aman Kaur Artistry’ will make every effort to ensure that security issues are taken care of at the locations. It is, however, your responsibility to make sure your possessions are safe and within your sight at all times. We cannot accept responsibility for your items.

Health and Safety

Our policy is to provide and maintain working conditions, equipment and systems of work, which are safe and healthy for all clients, and to provide information, and supervision sufficient to maintain safety. We also accept our responsibility for health and safety of persons other than client who may be affected by our activities. These standards are maintained in accordance with the relevant Health and Safety at Work Act 1974.

Maladministration and Malpractice Policy

Maladministration is essentially any activity or practice which results in non-compliance with Administrative Regulations and requirements and includes the application of persistent mistakes or poor administration within a Centre.

Malpractice or maladministration should be reported to the owner of ‘Aman Kaur Artistry’.

Should an investigation be undertaken into the Centre, the Head of ‘Aman Kaur Artistry’ will:
• Ensure the investigation is carried out by competent investigators who have no personal involvement in the incident or interest in the outcomes
• Ensure the investigation is carried out in an effective, prompt and thorough manner and that the Investigator(s) look beyond the immediate reported issues to ensure that arrangements at the Centre are appropriate for all qualifications
• Respond speedily and openly to all requests relating to the allegation and/or investigation
• Co-operate and ensure that all staff co-operate fully with any investigation and/or request for information

Equal Opportunities Policy

‘Aman Kaur Artistry’ operates an equal opportunities policy and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Risk Assessment

Before starting the services, a risk assessment is carried out which includes all hair styling equipment is checked to ensure safety. Heat resistant gloves are used with all hair styling equipment.
All makeup tools are checked that they are clean and sterile.
Makeup room is checked for adequate ventilation.
All electric cables are kept in a tidy state to prevent trips.
Fire extinguishers are checked.

Compliments and Suggestions

‘Aman Kaur Artistry’ thrives to maintain a high standard at all times. If you feel you have received excellent treatment, please tell us.

If you have any ideas that would help me to improve my service, please let us know.